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Welcome to WSKF Australia. WSKF Australia is a non-profit organisation, run by people who are passionate about Karate, our standard of training and the success of our members.

Shotokan Karate will give you and your child some of the best life skills they could have.

At our Shotokan Karate school in Perth, we instil values derived from martial arts that go beyond self-defence. Most sports can get you fit, but there are many things that our martial arts classes in Perth teach that other activities don’t. Check out our principles and see just a few of the life-changing skills our students learn from our martial arts academy.

What makes us different

Quality instructors at the right price

Looking for a Martial Arts / Karate club near you with quality instructors at the right price. That really knows how to get the best results for you and your kids, with continual monitoring of its students’ progress to ensure that they are succeeding and progressing. Are you looking for a club and community that’s not about big profits and expansion plans; a club where you won’t have to mortgage your house to pay the kids’ fees every month?

More than 80% of our competitors won either Gold, Silver or Bronze in 2019

We don’t claim to be the best Martial Arts / Karate club, but our students are proving to be very successful. More than 80% of our competitors won either Gold, Silver or Bronze in this last year, which means we must be doing something right.

After reading this, you can scroll down and see a few our students of all ages and all walks of life, that have reaped the rewards of learning karate and working hard!

There is a wide variety of Martial Arts and many types of Karate-do, which makes it very difficult for parents and individuals to choose which Martial Art or Karate style is best for them.

What to look for and what to be careful of when choosing a good Martial Art / Karate school

To help you out, we have made some suggestions as to ‘what to look for’ and ‘what to be careful of’ when choosing a good Martial Art / Karate school. This can be found in the drop-down bar at the top of this webpage.

Pricing and discounts

Regarding our prices, there are many variations and discounts depending on your age, the number of people in your family and your individual needs. We, therefore, prefer to talk to you directly to save you time and really personalise your Karate and Martial Arts experience.

Once you become a member, all our uniforms and protective gear is cheaper than you can buy in the shops and our expert advice is free! This can save you hundreds of dollars or more depending on what you are buying.

About us

Real Karate – Direct links with Japan and the origin if Karate-do

WSKF Australia is a registered member of WSKF Japan. Currently, situated in more than 100 countries around the world. WSKF Japan is like a big family of motivated people from all over the world, coming together every year or two to compete, train and socialise together.

Who we are

Hi, my name is Grant currently a 6th Dan and my wife Susheela now 2nd Dan. We both love what we do, and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our students succeed and continue to develop their skills to become well-balanced adults. We have been teaching Karate and Martial Arts for over 30 years. WSKF Australia is run largely by ourselves and a group of passionate people who love their Karate. We also work hard at fundraising throughout the year for our competition team members.

News & Blogs

Tips for Winter

Well the temperature has finally dropped in Perth, and Winter appears to have set in at last. While it’s definitely harder to get out of bed in the mornings, it seems to be getting harder to keep colds and flus away. Are you struggling with the sniffles, and noticing more and more people missing school …

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Prices start from $8.90 per week.

Any questions regarding joining and enrolling call  (+618) 9444 3737