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'Karate in Perth - Fun, Focus, Fitness and Family'

Why all children should do Shotokan Karate

At our Shotokan Karate school in Perth, we want to instil values derived from martial arts that go beyond self defence. Most sports can get you fit, but there are many things that martial arts classes in Perth can teach that other activities don’t. Here are just a few of the things students at Perth Karate can learn from our martial arts academy.


All of our students at Perth Karate are taught to respect the older and wiser members of our community. Our students learn that respect is earned and not a right, and the importance of being a good role model. Martial arts classes in Perth teach children to be aware of their attitude and actions at all times.

Self control

All of our students are taught to master self-control. Karate classes in Perth teach children to move at high speed and at full power but not to hurt their peers. This teaches our students to respect each other and themselves.

Awareness of others

The students at Perth Karate are taught to be aware of other people and their surroundings. They are taught to anticipate what others may want or not want, to pick up after themselves and to be courteous to others. Martial arts classes in Perth are a great way for kids to grow into respectful young adults.

To focus

It’s easy to become unfocused by everyday distractions. Children in particular can have difficulty focusing at school and their grades can suffer. Perth karate training teaches students special techniques that can help them to focus and to listen much more than they normally would.

To listen

Many of our teaching techniques require our students to listen intently. At Perth Karate we teach our students that if they don’t listen, they can be caught off guard. Martial arts training in Perth will teach your children to listen and absorb information.

Good manners

Students of Perth karate classes are expected to be on their best behaviour and to show good manners and respect to others.

Mental fitness

Martial arts in Perth is all about trying to achieve the next belt or the next rank. With each new belt comes a whole new set of challenges and skills to learn. Our students are continually learning new things, and improving their mental fitness. Many of these skills cannot be learned overnight but take many years to master.


It takes years to truly master martial arts classes in Perth. It won’t just happen overnight.
Shotokan Karate is one of the most proficient martial arts you can learn. It teaches you to be patient and to persevere, to overcome every new challenge and to not give up.

Complete fitness

Perth karate classes are a complete body workout. Martial arts classes are not only good for your health, but also provide a variety of mental challenges as well.

Honesty and Integrity

Students of martial arts in Perth are encouraged to be completely honest and trustworthy at all times. To be able to train effectively and be respected in karate, our students have to be good role models and trustworthy opponents.


Karate classes in Perth involve a number of exercises and stretches that are fun and exciting for our students. Our classes are fun, challenging, and a great opportunity to learn new skills.

Perth karate people get to travel!

Our self defence classes in Perth offer students the opportunity to travel overseas and train with people from many cultures all over the world. Every two years our Perth Karate members go to Japan to compete in the WSKF World Championships and to participate in the International training seminar. Students get the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet many new ones too.

Martial Arts in Perth

We teach students coming from areas throughout Cannington, Doubleview, Craigie, Ellenbrook, and Perth, WA. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact us page or call us at (08) 9444 3737.

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