Background History

A brief history of the World Shotokan Karate Federation

Shotokan Karate-do is one of the four main schools of karate-do practised around the world today, the other three being Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu and Shito-Ryu. The origin of karate-do dates back many hundreds of years to India, China and then Okinawa off mainland Japan. Modern karate-do was introduced into Japan in the early 1920s by the Okinawan karate master Funakoshi Gichin who was asked to perform a demonstration for the Department of Education in Tokyo. Master Funakoshi developed what is now known as Shotokan Karate-do; “Shoto” being the pen name of the Master, meaning ‘pine waves’. A name pertaining to the appearance of the leaves of the many pine trees outside his house. 

Shotokan karate-do developed in Japan under Master Funakoshi, and following World War ll it’s popularity increased greatly when it was introduced into the Western World. Master Funakoshi continued to teach karate-do until he passed away in 1958. Since then, Shotokan’s immense following has seen it produce many fine instructors and competitors around the world and along with this, several organisations have evolved, the most influential of these having initially been the Japan Karate Association (JKA) which has spawned most of the modern mainstream Shotokan organisations…one of these being the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation.

The World Shotokan-do Federation was formed in 1990 by Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya 8th Dan. Sensei Kasuya was, prior to this, head of the international division of Shotokan Karate International and had a history of being both a highly skilled and successful competition fighter as well as an innovative instructor. 

Sensei Kasuya graduated from the rigorous Instructors Special Training Course of the Japan Karate Association in 1973 and competed in the first World Championships held in the USA in 1975 where he placed first in both team kata and team kumite. Over the ensuing years, Sensei Kasuya competed at a number of tournaments until his retirement in 1985 at the age of 37. 

Initially, WSKF had a handful of countries as part of the organisation; however, this number has now grown to over 100 member countries. 

As Chief Instructor of WSKF, Sensei Kasuya spends a good deal of time each year travelling around teaching in these countries in order to maintain a consistent and high technical standard throughout the organisation.

In Perth, Sensei Grant Rollinson runs six clubs for all ages at Cannington, Doubleview, Ellenbrook, Riverton and Kwinana. Sensei Grant Rollinson has an extensive knowledge of Shotokan Karate gained from over 30 years of training and teaching Shotokan Karate.