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Training Seminar – Tokyo 2015

Please note WSKF has advised the following preliminary dates for the 2015 International Seminar, World Championships and WSKF 25th Anniversary party in Tokyo next year:


International technical and Judges’ seminar: 17 – 19 August 2015

12th WSKF World Championships: 21 – 22 August 2015

WSKF 25th Anniversary Party: 23 August 2015


We will supply more information when official invitations are received.

Please advise your Instructors if you are considering attending the seminar and/or competition. It is a wonderful opportunity for all WSKF Australia students to experience the excitement and camaraderie which comes with being part of such a large worldwide organisation.

Training with students from around the world

Training with students from around the world

Advanced training session

Advanced training session









Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony 2013

Members of the Australian Team

WSKF Australia members of the 2013 Australian team









Mixed Team Kata - Iran

2013 Mixed Team Kata – Iran

We will soon be posting photos on our facebook page of past trips to give you some idea of the scale of the association and its competitions and celebrations, so keep a look out.

 Held on the 59th floor of Sunshine City

Past parties were held on the 58th floor of Sunshine City, Tokyo

Great time was had by all competitors, supporters and families

A great time was had by all competitors, supporters and families, 2013










martial arts twins

Black Belt Twins

Year 11 students Molly and Georgia Brand are high achievers in many aspects of their life, including karate.

Identical twins Molly and Georgia migrated to Perth with their parents in December 2004 from Aberdeen, Scotland, and soon after joined the Doubleview Dojo of WSKF Australia in February 2005.

They had started karate in Aberdeen at 5, and one promise made by their parents for taking them across the world to their new home, was that they would be able to continue their karate training. They arrived at just 7 years of age and quickly slotted into the WSKF grading system, training under Sensei Grant Rollinson.

Over the nine years since then Molly and Georgia have been strong performers within the club, having both achieved their shodan (1st dan black belt), Georgia first as a Junior (under 16) in December 2012, followed by Molly a year later in December 2013.

Molly and Georgia Brand with their Shodan (1st black belt) certificates

Molly and Georgia Brand with their Shodan (1st black belt) certificates









The girls have both believed strongly in giving back to their club, and participated in the Instructor training program conducted in 2011, along with other students from the Doubleview dojo. Since then they have assisted Sensei Grant with developing the skills of many Little Tigers and Junior karate-ka, and have been inspirational to many students, having achieved their black belts at such a young age.

Molly and Georgia attend Perth Modern School, and participate in a number of other activities in addition to their karate training.

Molly recently enjoyed a three-week European music tour covering the celebration of Anzac Day in Paris and Ypres. She enjoys her music, playing the harp and piano. Molly also enjoys lots of sports, including netball, swimming, yoga and boot camp.

Georgia recently represented her school in a science competition through work experience with the University of Western Australia. This took her to China where she won a gold medal. Georgia is also a well rounded sports person, participating in netball, soccer, volleyball and swimming, and is swim captain for her school.

Both girls are also involved in the United Nations Youth debating teams, and have represented Perth in Canberra and Adelaide. Molly has been chosen to travel to Europe again later this year to continue this work.

Both girls have expressed an interest in studying medicine after leaving school, though they know the hard work it will take in the next year to achieve this. From what we’ve seen of them, it appears highly likely they will achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Their parents believe strongly in the importance of learning to listen to instruction, and believe that the girls have gained valuable life experience from learning the discipline of karate.