Monetary Benefits

Train at other Karate clubs for FREE

Provided you are paying fees at one of our clubs you benefit by training at any other clubs for FREE.

Member Discounts on Karate gear – see shop link

Receive great discounts on our quality karate uniforms, accessories, protective gear, training equipment and other promotional gear.

Recognised Worldwide

Your membership and grade is recognised at any WSKF dojo (club) around the world. WSKF is in over 92 countries worldwide.

Special invitations

You receive invitations to special events, seminars and other events.


Personal Benefits

Very efficient self defence skills

At WSKF Australia we teach a very large variety of defensive skills for training, for competition and for street fighting, some of which the police use. See self defence

Better focus and co-ordination

See focus and co-ordination

Get fit fast and lose weight the easy way

With Karate and most Martial Arts you find you are so engrossed in what you are trying to do when training you forget how hard you are working out and before long you find yourself getting fitter and fitter and thinner and thinner. See fitness and weight loss


Train with your family and/or friends

Train with someone who will keep you motivated – Family and friends. See family training


Develop better people skills and social skills

At WSKF Australia we try very hard to build our students’ confidence so that they can be sure of themselves in almost every situation. We also do the reverse and teach students the meaning of humility, humbleness and respect. See better social skills



Perth Self Defence Focus and Co-ordination Fitness and Weight Loss Familly Training Improving Social Skills