The different benefits of enrolling in self-defence classes in Perth

Even with all the technological progress in security and surveillance, people still live in dangerous times, and today, they are just as likely to be potential victims of untoward incidents as in the past. No one likes the thought of trekking the path home alone and late in the night when there aren’t many people around to offer a safety net. How do you protect yourself in such times so that you can at least feel some degree of confidence that you can fend off anything or anyone that will try to hurt you?

Self-Defense Classes

Taking up local Perth karate classes, particularly, Shotokan karate for self-defence, offered by organisations, such as WSKF Australia, is a brilliant move. For some people, self-defence training is not merely for amusement, but a lifeline skill to have to save a life, including one’s own. Demand Media writer Michelle Hogan believes that the benefits of taking a self-defence class are well worth the investment of time and effort as it could potentially save your life. This is especially an advantage for women. ”Women gain more confidence in themselves and their ability and willingness to tackle their surroundings when they learn self-defence techniques. Because self-defence training helps you prepare to face the unexpected, knowing that you could defend yourself against a threat can give you the confidence to take on new projects or explore new places.”

Here are a few other benefits to reap from enrolling in intensive self-defence classes in Perth:

Safety – For self-defence, disciplines like Shotokan Karate were created with moves intended to defend oneself, and not as a straightforward fighting style. Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan, once stressed “There is no ‘first hand’ in karate,” meaning that practitioners should never strike first. In Shotokan karate’s self-defence training circles, students are taught techniques in avoiding or blocking incoming attacks, while disabling an attacker long enough to create an opportunity to flee to safety.

Socialisation – Self-defence classes are almost always conducted in large groups. Aside from the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, self-defence classes also offer a way of building greater tolerance for people of different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds, which in turn creates among them an authentic sense of community.

Fitness – People looking to slim down and strengthen their physiques can integrate this goal with self-defence training. Shotokan karate involves rigorous physical training intended to prepare the body and make it more able to withstand any incoming attack or physical assault. It’s no secret why martial arts enthusiasts and practitioners are among the fittest people around.

Improved self-confidence – With considerable self-defence skills obtained from your training, you will feel less anxious about going anywhere at any time. The exercises involved are meant to train the body and mind to react quickly and appropriately in a worst-case scenario, instilling confidence in situations where you need it most.

(Source: What Are the Benefits of Self-Defense Classes? Demand Media)

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