Perth Karate Kids

Developing better people and social skills

Many kids today struggle with their social skills. They have very little idea of how, what they say or do, impacts back on them. At WSKF Australia karate club we try very hard to build our students confidence so that they can be sure of themselves in almost every situation. Here are just a few areas we look at:

How to introduce yourself

When you learn karate you get to pair up with many different people in every class, so our students are taught how to make the correct impression and how to get to know people.

How to make friends

Just like getting fit, making friends does not happen automatically for some of us – you have to make an effort and work at it. To make friends you have to be more aware of others and their expectations.

How what you say can have very different results

We teach students that how they communicate with others, can create very different results – how the out comes can be positive or negative, and even dangerous.

How your body actions and movements can get very different results

Most of us don’t realise how much our actions can actually affect others, and how this translates into good or bad relationships.

How your posture and body language can show you are:

  • Confidence or scared
  • About to attack or run
  • Ready to defend yourself
  • Relaxed or tense
  • Fit or unfit
  • Showing respect or no respect

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