karate helps with confidence

Focus & Co-ordination


(the centre of interest or activity – an act of concentrating interest or activity on something)
Focusing is a very essential skill for life. You need to focus on your future, you need to focus on your studies and/or work, you need to focus on your children, your relationship, getting fit and staying healthy, getting stronger or learning to relax and de-stress. Karate teaches you all this and more.
Karate teaches you to focus on whatever you are doing no matter what it is. It also teaches you to put 100% effort into what ever you are doing. This is why many Karate students are successful in other areas of their lives because the skills they learn are not just used in the dojo.

In training, focus is very important for targeting too. This means concentrating your efforts on what and where you are aiming to attack and counter attack. At advanced levels we look at prioritising what is the best or more efficient attack or counter attack. What moves are going to work for you and what are not. These choices can make a big difference to the end result in training. This also applies to everyday situations where focusing on the right priorities can make a big difference to the end result and to your personal success or failure.


(bring the different elements of a complex activity or organisation into a harmonious or efficient relationship)
As you progress through each rank the movements and combinations you learn gradually become more complex. This forces your brain to adapt to what you are trying to achieve. The result is your arms, legs, body and thinking gradually start working in harmony and become more fluid and in the end you improve your co-ordination considerably.

This also happens with your sparring partner or opponent at your local karate dojo. As you progress through each rank the movements and combinations you learn with a partner or opponent gradually become more complex too. This slowly forces you to adapt with your partner or opponent. This in turn makes you more aware of others and improves your ability to anticipate what they might be about to do. This co-operating with your partner has a flow on effect outside the dojo too. Karate students are usually very adaptive to others in the work place and in learning environments, simply because they know how to work with others and because they have learned to co-operate with others.


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